Date time statistics on your Prestashop ecommerce Maximize

Statistics by hour, by weekdays and by month

This module bring you detailed statistics by hour, by weekday and by month of the usage of your web shop

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Get accurate information by hour, by weekday and by month and know :

  • when do customers register ?
  • when do customers create carts ?
  • when do you ship more ?
  • when do customers pass valid or non valid orders ?
  • when do customers pay by credit card ? by paypal ? by cheque ?
  • when do you get inventory problems / when do you are out of stock ?
  • when do customers get delivered ? (require a delivery status update module)
  • when do you prepare orders ?
  • when does the X status is associated to the orders ?


Do you require another statistic ? Feel free to ask us to include it without extra fee !

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