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Epnb Attachment

This backend module allow you sending attachments to all kind of notification mails sent by Prestashop.

This module is compatible with European Directive on Consumer Rights

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Wth this module, you can send to your customers and even to your emploees some attachments that are added to Prestashop notification emails. Possibilities are almost unlimited, you can send for instance :

- the content of a CMS page of Prestashop (since Prestashop 1.2), in PDF or HTML form such

  • terms and conditions page (always up to date to your online version !)
  • a hidden page, with a voucher or specific conditions
  • a check-up list in delivery notification emails


- a specific attachement uploaded in your catalog (from Prestashop 1.5)

- the attached documents and/or the virtual products files related to the current order (from Prestashop 1.5)

The module supports translations of CMS Page and send the appropriate document.

With this module you can include several attachments from Prestashop 1.5

This module is specifically designed for European Directive on Consumer Rights

  • in France, the Hamon low, 2013
  • in Malte, the Consumer Rights Regulations low, 2013
  • in Belgium, the 21 DECEMBRE 2013 law in economic right code
  • in Sweden, Lag om ändring i konsumentköplagen
  • im Deutschland, Gesetz zur Umsetzung der Verbraucherrechterichtlinie und zur Änderung des Gesetzes zur Regelung der Wohnungsvermittlung
  • Demo Youtube 1.6
  • Demo Youtube 1.5
  • Demo Youtube 1.4
  • Online demonstration

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